DECEMBER 10, 1875


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 There are two sides to every story

Sadly, all too often only one side reaches the pages of the history books.

This is the other side of the story - the O'Donnell's story.

It is a tragic but moving tale that must be retold and remembered, now and forever.



Until November 17th, 2006, a house stood on this empty lot. A long long time ago, it belonged to an Irish widow named Margaret O'Donnell.

Having withstood the ravages of time, the house became a everpresent reminder of a tragedy that occurred here over 130 years ago.

Now it is gone. The house, located on private ground belonging to Reading Anthracite, had fallen into a derelect state. Its front bulging out toward the highway only a few feet away, it was a hazard waiting to happen.

Alas, any efforts would have been too late

It was simply not to be

All that remains are the ruins -

Bits of board and foundation,

Sad memories, old ghosts,

One lone tree.




Could it have been saved?

Shouldn't it have been saved?

If those who recognize the significance of this event are lucky, a historical marker will be placed along the road at the site.  A letter, supported by Senator James Rhoades, has gone into the Historical Presevation folks at our State Capitol in Harrisburg.

Forget not the O'Donnells

Hold them close in your memory for bigotry lives where reigns supremacy

Civil liberties lost if we forget the cost of the price paid for freedom and democracy






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